Brax gets his mother, Cheryl, to pack and sends her off to a safe place before Danny turns up. There’s the small matter of $50,000 he left with Cheryl before he went to jail and it’s time to collect. When Danny shows up, Brax is waiting for him and the ex-con isn’t pleased when he learns that the money has gone.

Danny threatens to beat it out of Brax, but stops himself when he realises the trouble that would cause. Brax returns to Angelo’s in a foul mood and, wanting to unleash his temper on someone, fires Liam for not listening to him about Hayley.

Meanwhile, Ruby makes Casey promise not to tell anyone about her attempting to kiss him but Sasha has seen them from a distance and, later, warns Ruby to stay away from him. Ruby tells Casey to tell his ‘girlfriend’ to back off and he confronts Sasha, worried that she has a crush on him, though she vehemently denies it.

And Romeo goes for a job as a salesman at a surfwear company, so he can support his family-to-be. He gets the job and it looks like his future is sealed as he takes his wedding ring off as a sign of commitment to Ruby.