Kerry and French cyclist Laurent are getting on like a house on fire as she nurses his injuries. Dan, however, suspects the patient is milking his injuries as Kerry runs around after him. When he finds Laurent and Kerry looking cosy on the sofa as she paints his toenails, it’s clear that Dan is jealous, even when Kerry assures him the Frenchman is gay and has no interest in her. Now that Kerry’s decided to stop badgering her boyfriend about getting married, it looks like she’s inadvertently roused the green-eyed monster in him. Will it spur him into making a proposal? 

With her confession playing on his mind, James decides to tell Chas about his history with Moira and that he recently discovered Adam is his son. When he tells Moira what he’s about to do, she panics and begs him to reconsider, but he’s adamant that Chas needs to know. Expecting Chas to keep the secret to herself, James is shocked when she tells him that she will have to tell Cain because she can’t keep secrets from her brother.

Donna visits the garage to talk to Ross about shifting the stolen goods, but the pair soon find themselves kissing again and are nearly caught out by Cain. Later, in the pub, Donna tells Ross to hold off on selling the gear because the police are looking for it. Not one to follow the rules, Ross arranges to meet a potential buyer…