Dan’s new man?

Since breaking off his engagement to Chrissie – after revealing he fancied men – consultant Dan Hamilton has tried to keep his confused sexuality hidden. But there’s a chance his secret could be revealed when a new male nurse arrives at Holby – and he knows a lot about Dan.

When experienced nurse Simon Marshall (Paul Nicholls) turns up on Keller, Dan’s pleasantly surprised to find his old friend from university is working at Holby.

Chantelle stirs things by suggesting to Dan that she can sense sexual tension between Simon and Malick and fills Simon in on Dan’s failed engagement to Chrissie.

When Simon later invites Dan for a drink to catch up, but Dan declines. But as Simon, Malick and Chantelle head out on the town, does Dan regret passing up the chance to spend time with hunky Simon?

Meanwhile, Darwin welcomes the new transplant team, but not everyone’s happy with all the attention on the newcomers. When the opportunity of a landmark operation comes up, will the transplant team rise to the occasion?

Also, Chrissie’s determined to prove she’s fine following Sacha’s attack and gets stuck into work. But when it all gets too much, will she admit she’s not coping?