After talking to Karl, Libby gains an insight into Dan’s difficult situation and asks him to be friends. But she finds it difficult after learning Dan is trying to contact his wife. Dan reveals he is only trying to contact his wife Samantha to get a divorce so he can make a go of things with Libby. Libby works through her fears before deciding to take a chance with Dan. But the arrival of Dan’s wife in Ramsay Street changes everything…

After being forced to work closely with Kirsten, Paul gains a new respect for her. The situation isn’t helped by his growing distance from Rebecca, which makes Paul’s attraction to Kirsten grow even more.

Elle and Heather disagree on the principles of good journalism, and Elle is forced to suppress her feelings for Riley when she learns that he and Heather are officially an item.

Steve comes up with a way to help Lou give Carmella and Marco the Bishop house and invites Lou to move in with the Parkers. Miranda is unimpressed with the invitation and urges her husband to take back his offer. Luckily for Steve, Lou has a surprise solution to the problem.

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