Darcy calls on her mystery man

Who is he? And why does Darcy need his help?

Darcy and Jesse plan a BBQ to celebrate their engagement, while Grace meets up with a private investigator to find out dirt on her. Later, Darcy turns to her mystery man for help again…

Meanwhile, Sienna panics when she can’t find the necklace Warren bought her and she runs out of hospital. When Warren and Joel return to discover Sienna gone, they think she’s done a runner. Will they find Sienna – and will Sienna find her necklace?

Tegan applies for the receptionist’s job at Hollyoaks High and learns that it’s up to Misbah to give her a glowing reference. Tegan tries to get somebody else to do the reference but, when she arrives at the hospital to pick it up, she discovers her plan has failed.

Also, Neeta’s jealous when she sees Hunter kiss Peri on their date. Is it really over between them?