Heath receives a call to tell him that Darcy’s run away but she soon shows up at the Braxton house. She doesn’t want to talk so Heath enlists Natalie’s help. She gets Darcy drawing and her picture reveals the underlying issue – she’s worried her gran will die. But that’s not the only issue: she really wants to come and live with Heath. Later, Heath announces he’s going to file for custody and Darcy is over the moon. Bianca, however, isn’t entirely convinced it’s a good idea.

Spencer’s worried about Maddy’s health and decides to call Roo. She and Harvey take them home and feed them, though they decline Roo’s offer of a place to stay. Maddy’s worried they’ll want answers to too many questions. What are the teenagers running from?

April’s upset with the way Dex treated his father at the party and after a chat with Alf Dex talks with Sid. He reassures his father he’s handling himself and eventually sorts things out. Then Dex and April discuss their jealousies and all is forgiven. They’ll just have to trust each other.