Darcy doesn’t want to leave Heath

Connie agrees to let Heath spend some time with Darcy but when he arrives she won’t let him take her. Bianca manages to change her mind and Darcy is allowed to stay the night but, the following morning, Darcy doesn’t want to leave. She’s so upset that Heath allows her to miss school and spend time with him at the beach. Bianca finds them and berates Heath for breaking Connie’s rules, just as two cops arrive to take Darcy home. Bianca is allowed to return Darcy to Connie and Heath gets off with a warning but Bianca warns him he has to change his attitude if he wants to see Darcy more and suggests he sees a counsellor.

Dex is determined that he and April need to break the dependence they have on each other but April is devastated they can’t get back together. Taking Irene and Bianca’s advice, April finds a study partner, Brett, from her course but he gets the wrong idea, believing they’re on a date. Nothing seems to be going right for her.

Roo starts to believe that Harvey has said something to Spencer to make him reject Maddy’s advances. She confronts him, discovering they gave contradictory advice and blame each other for the misunderstanding. Amongst the bickering, Alf tells them to concentrate on their own relationship and Roo takes his words to heart, arranging a special lunch at Angelo’s to spend some time with Harvey.