Dark Money – BBC1

In Dark Money, a child film star drops a bombshell on his devoted family

This four-part psychological drama grabs you in the opening minutes as 13-year-old actor Isaac Mensah (convincingly played by newcomer Max Fincham) returns home to London after filming a sci-fi blockbuster in Hollywood.

His excited family throw him a party and can’t wait to hear all about his time in LA.

But their joy turns to shock when Isaac reveals he was sexually abused by the film’s producer.

This is edge-of-your-seat drama as you live through the life-changing decisions facing the ordinary British family.

There are superb turns by Rebecca Front, as Isaac’s chaperone, and Jill Halfpenny and Babou Ceesay as his parents, Sam and Manny.

Dark Money's Jill Halfpenny on the phone

Will she keep quiet? Concerned mum Sam

“Sam’s immediate feeling is protection, ‘You’re never going to leave my side. No one’s going to harm you.’ ” Jill told TV Times, explaining the “pure devastation” Isaac’s mum feels when she learns the truth.

“Then she goes into practical mode. But things aren’t quite as straightforward as they thought.”

And Babou relates the parents’ reaction when the abuser tries to buy their silence. “Neither of them knows whether what they’re doing is right or wrong.

“They only know the options that are available. One is that they go to the States, report it, and start legal proceedings – and good luck finding the money to do that.

“The other option is the cheque that’s put in front of them.”

Continues tomorrow.

TV Times rating: *****