Zoe continues to interview members of the business community for her film, but is unimpressed when Steph tries to take over as the star of the show. As things turn worse between the pair, Darren uses a slight disagreement with Zoe as an excuse to leave and join Jessica at the casino. On a high after they score a big win, Darren and Jessica take their celebrations one step further and fall into a passionate embrace.

Tony struggles to deal with the knowledge that Mercedes is pregnant with his child, and pays her a visit, desperate for proof that she could be wrong. But he has to face up to the consequences when a second pregnancy test proves positive. However, Mercedes has made up her mind on what she’s going to do…

Rhys feels guilty for attacking Gilly after misreading the situation between him and Beth last night. Meanwhile, his family wonder at his extreme reaction, and Beth confronts him, telling him she thinks she should leave. But Hannah persuades her to stay, leaving Rhys feeling uncomfortable, and forced to continue to keep his feelings for Beth a secret.