Darren and Karl come to blows

Unable to cope with the burden of Susan’s illness and her own secret humiliation over Darren’s betrayal, Libby breaks down in front of Steph. Back home, Libby hears an answerphone message from Darren, which prompts her to lay into Karl about his infidelity. Karl is unimpressed by Libby’s viciousness, but soon finds himself standing up for his daughter when Darren arrives wanting Libby to hear him out. Concerned Karl tries to break up their argument but it unfortunately ends in a very public spat.

An emotional Susan reluctantly accepts that she has to live with MS, but is helped through it by Karl and Toadie’s unconditional love and support. And she’s relieved when her vision begins to return.

Janae is jealous when Kirsten asks Ned to help paint the flat, and is further annoyed at their reminiscing about the good old days. Janae confronts Kirsten, accusing her of trying to steal Ned away, and is shocked when Kirsten admits she does have feelings for Ned, but promises she has no intention of stealing him.

Also, Steve worries when he learns that Bridget and Josh are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but Miranda helps him see things differently.

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