Darren and Nancy get a shock

Tom and Jack panic as they check for a pulse on the female intruder, when they find one Jack calls and Ambulance and the Police. He sits Tom down and tells him that he will tell everyone that hit the intruder and that Tom wasn’t involved. Jack is taken away for questioning and asks Gilly to look after Tom. Tom is worried about Jack and tells Gilly that he was the one who hit the girl. He confronts Jack, shocked at his stupidity.

Darren turns up to see Nancy with pictures of the twins on his mobile. She looks on sadly as he plays the doting father. But becomes worried when he can’t decide where they will live.

Heidi and Jason return to the flat, after Carl and Mercedes secret tryst. Carl is flustered but manages to keep things normal. Later, Riley turns to Carl when Mercy doesn’t return his calls. Carl tells him to forget about her and focus on a career without her.

Also, Leanne tells Lee that she would love him to move back in, and he decides to be as unbearable as possible so he get the room to himself. But Leanne is having none of it.

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