Darren and Suzanne are caught out!

Darren’s happy to keep flirting with Suzanne so Cindy decides it’s time to keep Darren sweet. She’s bought some racy underwear and goes round to see him, but is shocked to walk in on Darren and Suzanne.

Jacqui worries they can’t keep Theresa quiet forever. She tries to pass off Theresa’s comments last night as post-traumatic stress. Theresa and Jacqui’s argument gets out of hand when Myra walks in on it. Thankfully, she hasn’t heard about the murder, but the cat’s out of the bag about Theresa’s baby. Theresa won’t say who the father is. She’s realises she’s got a responsibility to her baby and can’t go to prison. Jacqui’s glad to be in the clear, but Mercedes is unconvinced.

Lauren isn’t convinced that Gaz is the killer and visits him in prison. Gaz admits he wanted payback on Anita and it’s enough for Lauren to turn her back on him. He tells Lauren he loves her, but she walks out. He might not have killed Calvin, but she thinks he could have killed Anita and that’s bad enough.

Also; Steph recruits Gilly to be her manager. When he laughs, she reminds him she’s got cancer. It’s her trump card in everything. Gilly uses it to blackmail Rhys into being Steph’s drummer.

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