Darren clashes with Rhys

Darren asks Cindy to get him a job at The Dog but she’s wary because of her fling with Rhys. Darren visits Jack in prison and annoys Jack with his showy appearance. Meanwhile, Cindy convinces Rhys to give Darren a job. Rhys enjoys winding up Darren during his shift by revealing his fling with Cindy and later locking Darren in the back room. Darren freaks out that he will break his curfew but Cindy lets him out in time and a furious Darren attacks Rhys.

Mercedes and Malachy struggle to find work and Malachy wonders whether his HIV status is keeping him unemployed. Mercedes goes for an interview at Evissa and is annoyed that Carmel is asking her lots of questions she already knows the answer to. When Carmel isn’t looking, Mercedes pockets as many bottles of cosmetics as possible and then storms out.

Warren struggles to concentrate with Spencer under his feet so Sasha offers to take him into town. When Spencer and Sasha return Warren is relieved that Spencer seems to have taken to Sasha. Warren offers Sasha money to say thank you but a smitten Sasha insists she’s happy to help anytime.

Also, Warren makes Carmel the new Evissa boss; Steph enlists Tom and Holly as guinea-pigs for her new dance school!

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