Darren confirms the sorry truth

The party grinds to a halt as Darren confirms the truth about kissing Janae to Libby. Susan’s MS symptoms get worse with the stress, and a furious Karl is forced to take her home. Libby informs an ashamed Darren that she and Ben want nothing more to do with him, before Toadie tells Darren he is unlikely to get another chance from Libby. And when Karl later refuses to let him see his daughter, Darren ends up being given a lift to a motel by Steve. Later, when she’s alone, Libby breaks down.

Later, Janae and Ned try to put on a united front to convince Mickey everything is OK between them, but he sees through it. Finding herself completely isolated from Ned, Janae packs her bags and turns up on Toadie’s doorstep, but has to face Steph’s disapproval. But when Janae breaks done, Steph’s resolve towards her seems to soften.

Alone on her final night in hospital, Carmella is pleased to receive a visit from Rebecca. The two women bond over Chloe, and Rebecca helps Carmella start to overcome her fears about motherhood.

Also, Steph and Libby attempt to change Rosie’s mind about having kids.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 17*

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