Darren gets mugged!

Darren reluctantly takes a job in MOBS but he’s pleased when Steph trusts him enough to ask him to cash up. Darren begs Warren for a business loan and when Warren laughs, Darren threatens to reveal all about Sean’s murder. Warren’s mood darkens and Darren makes a quick exit but on the way home he is mugged for the MOBS takings.

Calvin pops into The Loft to ask Warren out for a drink and Warren’s about to leave when he discovers Spencer upstairs talking to Nige! Warren hurriedly shoves Nige out of the side door, terrified that Calvin will see him. Nige says he’s tired of hiding but Warren makes it clear that if he shows his face again his sham death might well become a reality!

Ste offers to help Dom in Il Gnosh in return for some breakfast. Dom reluctantly leaves Ste in charge when a food critic in comes in to pop out to get a missing an ingredient. When Dom doesn’t return in time, Ste decides to cook the meal himself. Dom is horrified when he returns but he is stunned to discover a note from the critic, who was impressed by the meal!

Also, Malachy and Mercedes make a borrowed van their new home.

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