Jack listens as Darren tells him about Hannah and asks for his advice. Jack remains neutral, offering Darren no indication of how he is feeling. Darren takes it as a positive sign but leaves still unsure of what he’s going to do. He goes to the hospital to see Hannah and is met by Zoe and Josh who try to stop him seeing her. Darren’s had enough and barges past them to confront Hannah before washing his hands of her.

Mercedes and Calvin are making the most of their alone time. As they discuss whether they could ever be a proper couple, Michaela calls in to whisk Mercedes off for her surprise body wrap, courtesy of Malachy. As Michaela tells Mercedes she’s scared Zak will cheat on her, Mercedes is left to contemplate her own situation.

Leila flips and blames Anita for Hannah’s illness. Anita is pained and decides to go to visit Hannah. Rummaging through her bag she pulls out a compact mirror, holding in front of Hannah, she urges her to look at what she is doing to herself. Hannah knocks the mirror out of Anita’s hands.

Also; Fernando is planning on buying a house in Spain. Steph, Frankie and Jack seem excited. But is this really what Steph wants.

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