Feeling neglected, Darren buys Nancy a waterbed to perk things up in the bedroom. Nancy’s impressed until she discovers that Darren has bought the waterbed on her credit card, plummeting them into a financial crisis. When the figures just don’t add up and with more money going out than coming in, Nancy and Darren reluctantly resolve to rent out the flat and get a cheaper place.

It’s Ethan’s birthday and he’s promised to spend it with both Theresa and Liberty. He confides in Doug that he’s enjoying having two girls on the go, but it can be hard work a lot of the time. Both Theresa and Liberty buy their gifts for Ethan from Dodger and, luckily for Ethan, he supplies them with the same thing. Doug is forced to help Ethan with his two timing, but comedy ensues as Ethan struggles to entertain both girls and keep them away from each other at the same time.

Also; Ricky and Duncan decide to host their own alternative prom at MOBS, but when Duncan promises entertainment and booze, Ricky worries that he maybe overselling it.

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