Darren has some shock news

Darren and Hannah return home from their rock and roll weekend in Denmark but seem oddly reluctant to discuss what went on. Suzanne arranges a family meal at The Dog to welcome Hannah home but things are awkward when Darren turns up with Cindy. Rhys goads Darren, who snaps and stuns everyone when he announces that he and Hannah are married!

Tony offers Mercedes some work handing out flyers for a charity fete and he mentions that he’s organising a gladiator competition with a 100 pound prize. Mercedes senses an opportunity and encourages Malachy to start training. Malachy’s not feeling his best but is reluctant to say anything. Mercedes is worried that Malachy’s HIV is flaring up when she realises that Malachy has a fever but Malachy doesn’t want to confront the possibility and shrugs off her concerns.

Calvin decides to sort out Warrens’ belongings at the Evissa flat but a grieving Sasha interferes, not wanting Warren’s things to be interfered with. Meanwhile, Lauren is looking after Spencer but they are not getting on well. Spencer gets a text from someone claiming to be Warren and he bursts into the Evissa flat to stop Calvin getting rid of anymore of Warren’s belongings.

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