Darren has decided to get rid of a brooch Cindy gave him. Lee has a look online to check what the brooch is worth… and sees an identical one valued at 50,000 pounds. He finds Darren in the SU Bar, only to discover he’s already dropped the bag off at a charity shop.

Darren races back to get it, but returns empty-handed and as the two discuss their loss, they stumble across Elliot and Kevin fine-tuning the beacon. Darren spots the brooch at the top of the beacon; he’s going to be rich!

Ste informs Malachy that Eileen’s in town and she’s looking for money from Brendan, telling him that he thinks Brendan is responsible for the mugging. Malachy calls Rhys and finds out that Brendan had asked him to deposit the money last night and the penny drops. A furious Brendan denies it and then sacks him from Chez Chez. An unrelenting Malachy warns Brendan he’ll tell Cheryl the truth.

Also; Sinead’s excited about the fact that her mum might be pregnant. She comes home at lunch time with a pregnancy test for her mother, and insists that she do it. She’s stopped in her tracks when she sees a used test in the bin with a negative result.

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