Darren humiliates Sarah

Devastated Hannah struggles to cope at Melissa’s funeral, but luckily Sarah is on hand to support her friend. Later, Sarah is humiliated when she finds herself the subject of Darren’s cruel humour when Myra and John-Paul arrive at The Dog.

Hannah finds things difficult to handle when she spots Rhys sitting in the pub. Although Rhys is the last person she’d want to spend time with, Hannah insists it would make her life a whole lot easier if they starting speaking to each other again.

Craig is hurt when Frankie reveals what she really thinks about his sexuality and asks John-Paul to bring Myra over to help his mum understand. John-Paul is understandably wary of facing Frankie again after their argument yesterday, but agrees when he sees how desperate Craig is. Things don’t get off to a great start, but can Myra change Frankie’s mind and bring mother and son back together?

And after finding out who tried to kill her, Clare goes on the rampage in Hollyoaks Village. She kidnaps the person closest to her assailant before setting up a deadly game of cat and mouse.