Darren is back!

Darren is released from prison and returns to Hollyoaks humbled by his experience but Cindy soon has Darren back to his former, pimped and blinged-up self! Darren heads to the SU Bar with Cindy but when Malachy spots him, he gives him a stark warning to watch himself and the reality of his situation sinks in when he has his electronic tag fitted. Later, Darren and Cindy’s passion is interrupted when Newt returns home and plays gooseberry.

Warren gives Spencer money to amuse himself for the day and Calvin finds him alone and eating junk food. Spencer inadvertently arouses Calvin’s suspicion when he lets slip that Warren told him Louise would never return to Hollyoaks. Calvin confronts Warren, who covers for his guilt. Warren is frustrated by Spencer but when Spencer cuts himself trying to cook he vows to be more patient.

Mercedes and Malachy are getting on Elliot’s nerves in Halls and matters are made worse when Mercedes breaks Elliot’s Millennium Falcon model. The housing officer busts them squatting at the flat and tells them they’ve got a week to get out. Elliot denies being the grass and later, Kris lets slip to Elliot that it he grassed up his brother for his own good.

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