Darren is furious with Libby

Darren is furious to learn that Libby has enrolled her son Ben in Erinsborough Primary School, and feels Libby is slipping further away from him. Meanwhile, Lou and Harold are disappointed when they hear about Darren’s lies and infidelities, whereas Toadie empathises with Darren’s past actions and motivations when Darren reveals he has developed a complex about living up to Libby’s memory of her late husband Drew. Later, Libby confides in an outraged Steph about her marital problems with Darren.

A contrite Rachel makes an attempt to apologise about lying about her age to Angus during their date the night before, but he refuses to speak to her after he discovers she is a student in his new class at Erinsborough High.

Following his sister’s nasty character assassination of Carmella, lovelorn Marco decides to make a bold declaration of his commitment to her in front of his whole family. Carmella finds herself completely overwhelmed by the speed Marco is moving in when it comes to their relationship, and immediately goes to her sister Rosie for some much-needed relationship advice.

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