Hannah lies next to an unconscious Blue, pleading with Jamie to call an ambulance. She tells him she isn’t going anywhere until they’ve called for help. Jamie eventually gives in and allows Hannah to phone for an ambulance. After the phone call, Jamie makes moves to leave.

Jamie drags Hannah towards the door and finds Darren standing there. As Jamie and Hannah dash down the corridor they see the police. Jamie pulls the letter opener from his pocket and holds it to Hannah’s back warning the police that if they try to stop him, he’ll kill her. Darren jumps to save Hannah and, as she’s released, the opener plunges into Darren.

Gaz breaks into Lauren’s locker and steals her outfit for the Valentine’s ball. When Lauren finds it missing she instantly points the finger at Anita. When Theresa and Anita approach the lockers they find Lauren’s outfit ripped to shreds in Anita’s locker. Anita knows that this is Gaz’s handiwork and returns the costume to Lauren, telling her the truth about her boyfriend.

Also; Kris talks to Duncan about his ‘sexuality’, while Duncan tries to explain that it’s all an act. But it does give Duncan an idea, what better way to get close to girls than by pretending to be a gay man.