Darren and Jack find themselves trapped – watch out for the dog!

Darren and Jack are at the mercy of a vicious dog!

Darren can’t believe that Jack has splashed out a small fortune, £2K, on a rare Cher record for Frankie’s funeral. He insists that he at least go with his dad to collect it from the seller but there’s trouble afoot when the vendor fails to show.

Jack and Darren soon find themselves trapped in a car at the property when a vicious dog comes tearing towards them and when Darren tries to flee he finds himself forced to scale a high gate!

Meanwhile Mandy’s in a panic when she’s still unable to locate Luke. Darren is sure that Luke has fallen off the wagon. Is he right and what has actually happened to his friend?

Meanwhile when Damon learns the truth about his mum, Maggie, he tells her he wants nothing more to do with her!