Despite being hounded by a hungry loan shark, Darren reassures Frankie his plan won’t fail. Losing hope, Frankie begins to pack for Steph’s while Darren meets Warren in The Loft to outline his plans to sell The Dog.

When Darren confirms a knock down price and an agreement the Osbornes will move out, Warren signs the contract. However it is soon torn up after Darren gleefully relays that the insurance company has paid up. Darren taunts Warren and celebrates with Cindy on his plan coming together.

After Niall’s interference prompts John Paul and Kieron to speed up their wedding plans, Tina advises John Paul not to rush into marriage, because she regrets she ever walked down the aisle. Meanwhile, Kieron tells Myra that he has found the woman who fostered her son.

Newt worries Frankie has changed her mind about keeping him. He admits to Lauren that he’s scared his problems will surface at school, and suggests it would be easier if they run away together.

After learning that Elliott and Sarah’s relationship is more about conversation than physicality, Malachy realises he and Mercedes don’t talk at all and tries in vain to find a subject worth talking about.

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