Darren pops the question!

In a change to the usual day, Darren tries to talk to Jodie, but she won’t talk to him. Mercy comforts Darren and Abi gets jealous. Abi invites Darren over to hers and confesses that she has feelings for him. Abi is crushed when Darren says he still loves Jodie. She overhears and runs into the room. Darren proposes and Jodie is delighted!

Ronnie feels uncomfortable with Michael in the flat. Ronnie’s heart sinks when Jack tells Michael he can stay as long as he wants and Jack refuses her plea to get rid of him. Kat is left alone in the bar with Michael and in a moment of madness she kisses him. Michael pushes her off and says there’s nothing between them now the baby has gone. A devastated Alfie watches them from the doorway…

Whitney is appalled after David leaves the flat to discover he thought she was a prostitute. Janine has spent David’s money and tells an upset Whitney to stop being childish. At the Vic, Kat mentions Janine’s sordid past as a prostitute. Whitney asks Janine about Kat’s revelation. Whitney is understanding and Janine is grateful and resolves not to put either of them in danger again.