Darren refuses to play happy families

With Frankie doing her best to make foster child Daisy feel welcome, Jack is finally warming to the idea of having Daisy around but Darren isn’t convinced and tells Frankie exactly how he feels. Zoe is shocked at Darren’s heartless attitude towards Daisy and wonders if he’s jealous. Darren tries to defend himself, but Zoe is unsure at seeing this whole new side to Darren and questions whether they have a future together.

The Ashworths nervously head to the hospital to spend Neville’s birthday with Hannah, with Josh admitting to Rhys that he is scared of seeing his sister. And the whole family are shocked when they see Hannah. They return home, but get another shock when they get a phone call saying Noel has died.

Louise is positively glowing in the wake of Warren’s proposal. Feeling closer to his fiancée, Warren opens up to Louise about his family, admitting that he didn’t have a very happy childhood. The pair then spend a romantic night together in the Loft.

Struggling with the realities of being a teenage mum, Amy steals the takings from Washed Up.