Darren returns to The Dog

Darren is determined to get himself a place behind the bar at The Dog and Josh and Rhys are infuriated when Suzanne and Neville agree to take him on. Rhys challenges Darren to see who can come up with the biggest money-spinner for the pub and employs dirty tactics to win. Rhys celebrates by getting stinking drunk at the SU Bar and when he gets home a furious Neville sacks him and makes Darren Assistant Manager!

Kris tries to motivate Zak for a busy day at the call centre but Zak is less than enthusiastic and doesn’t turn up on time for work. Kris gets a promotion from Sheila to Assistant Senior Supervisor and one of the first jobs Sheila gives him is sacking a tardy Zak. Zoe is gobsmacked and tells Kris exactly what she thinks of him, while Zak bans him from his leaving drinks.

Cindy impresses Tony with some ideas for Il Gnosh and she suggests that they should think about going on a family holiday with Holly and Harry. Cindy and Tony go through travel brochures but discover that they have different ideas about the perfect holiday. Cindy cheers up, however, when Tony tells her he’d like her to stay over at his on a regular basis.

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