Jack tells the family that Darren’s invited them to The Dog. After they arrive The Dog loses all power. Darren persuades Jake to help him, when Holly comes out. Suddenly there is a loud bang and Holly’s electrocuted. Darren gives her mouth to mouth, but steps back as Cindy and Tony approach, and tells everyone Jake saved Holly’s life.

Ste’s frustrated when Amy chooses to go to The Loft over a trip to the park with the kids. As Sasha and Amy crack open a bottle of champagne, Michaela arrives. She’s been abandoned by Josh and is in need of company. A petty argument ensues before Josh and India arrive.

Josh feels foolish when he realises that India is only interested in Calvin. But when India tries to kiss him, Calvin knocks her back and she leaves. Josh and the girls are discussing university when Michaela announces that she’s had enough and wants a job! Amy returns home drunk, and when she can’t hold her children, she leaves in tears.

Also; Dominic is out for revenge and when the freezer in Il Gnosh breaks and leaves him with a batch of rotting fish, he’s sure the students are to blame. He heads to the halls, to put his plan into action.

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