Darren struggles with his deceit

The family fall apart as Darren is forced to deal with the repercussions of his lie. As he disposes of the dead man’s briefcase, Darren is horrified to discover that it is in fact Eamon Fisher – Kris’ dad. During a panicked call to Jack, Darren agrees to write a letter to Kris, from Eamon, to reassure him his dad has left the village.

Later, Darren is riddled with guilt when Kris offers to help out with Jack’s funeral. After his chat with Kris, remorseful Darren steels himself to tell Frankie and Steph the truth, but is unable to come clean. Meanwhile, Newt’s paranoia that he killed Jack spirals, with Eli fuelling his unease.

Cindy can’t hide her regard for Warren’s good looks and charm, little bothered that he has a fiancée. Later, in The Loft, Cindy is riddled with jealousy when she witnesses Warren and Louise in full smooch mode. Elsewhere, Warren gets a cold reception at The Dog when he offers to pay for Jack’s coffin.

Also, frustrated with being mollycoddled by her family, Sasha wants more freedom, while Lauren is frustrated at her family’s lack of attention towards her.

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