Darren agrees to see a counsellor to please Zoe. After unburdening himself to the counsellor, he attempts to get closer to Zoe but she rebuffs his attempts to kiss her. Angry at her game playing, Darren invites Jess to a poker game with Warren, who’s pleased at having some decent competition at last. But after drinking too much beer, Darren pushes all his chips on the table as Warren ups the stakes.

Gilly offers to help Rhys at work in an effort to win Beth back. Meanwhile, when Beth reveals to Sarah why she broke up with Gilly, Sarah asks her why she’s still hanging around in the village. Rhys and Gilly arrive and Beth is forced to hide her disappointment when she spies Rhys kissing Sarah.

Max feels guilty when Simon refuses to acknowledge his apology. Elsewhere, OB is shattered and riddled with guilt when Simon informs him he is leaving Chester as there is no longer a life for him in the village.

Summer is concerned for OB when he reveals that he and Max are barely on speaking terms because he has ruined a man’s life. He refuses to accept Summer’s advice to forgive Max, but will he listen when Tom offers to negotiate a deal?