Darren uses Jake to help Warren

Darren tries to back out of helping Louise get out of prison, but Warren reveals that he killed Sean and warns him Jack will be in danger unless Darren helps him out. With no choice, a nervous Darren hides Sean’s wallet in Jake’s room before trying to convince Jake that he can help save Jack from bankruptcy and Charlie from homelessness if he takes the rap. However, Jake refuses, adamant that Charlie needs him.

Hannah is frustrated at Nancy’s inability to forgive Sarah for covering up Amy’s lies about Leah. In a bid to bring them back together, Hannah sets them up a meeting in The Dog, but her plan backfires when Nancy refuses to talk to Sarah and storms out.

An upset Hannah confides in Danny that she has now lost both her best friends, which prompts protective Danny to confront Nancy for being selfish. Realising she has gone too far, Nancy apologises to Hannah and makes amends with Sarah.

Also, Danny reckons he’ll be a natural at the stand-up comedy night at The Dog, but unconvinced, Hannah hopes he’ll back out. Will Danny be able to prove her wrong?

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