Darren wants his money

Darren is relieved Jake has been locked up and heads off to see Warren to get his cash. At The Loft, Darren chances his arm and asks Warren for double the amount. Warren laughs in face and chucks him out. In a bid to increase the cash on his own, Darren heads to the casino.

As Jake�s court case looms, Warren tries to reassure Louise that Jake will be found guilty and locked up. Later, she’s thrilled at being let off, while seething Frankie is left swearing that she’ll make Louise pay for her son’s incarceration.

Earlier, hard-nosed Louise told Warren not to pay Darren the £100,000 he owes him, but Warren insisted he wouldn’t go back on the deal. Later, Louise sets about planning to celebrate her freedom in style at The Dog to rub Frankie’s nose in it.

After John-Paul dismisses Myra’s claim that he has a secret boyfriend, Elliot arrives at the McQueen’s to ask for help with his latest experiment, prompting Myra to jump to the conclusion that Elliot must be John-Paul’s new man. When John-Paul and Kieron return home, John-Paul seizes the opportunity to quash Myra’s suspicions, and tells her that Elliot is in fact his boyfriend…

Also, Lauren sides with Niall against Newt.

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