Darren doesn’t want to leave Maxine alone with Patrick, so asks his mate Dave to take Carly to the rehab centre in Scotland, unaware of what’s happened to her. Meanwhile, Nico and Sienna are relieved when they find a pulse and decide to leave Carly at the hospital – but as Nico and Sienna arrive at the hospital with Carly, they’re alarmed when they realise she’s dead!

Sienna asks Dr S’Avage for help. He takes Carly to the morgue but Celine sees and tells him she’ll call the police because of the suspicious circumstances. Sienna and Nico are filled with fear when the police get a call and it’s Ben who turns up at the hospital! Ben is horrified when Dr S’Avage reveals Carly under the sheet in the morgue.

Meanwhile, at Patrick’s flat, Darren and Maxine are having dinner with Theresa and Patrick. Sienna and Nico return home only to find themselves in the middle of Patrick’s dinner party. Theresa finds a £500 necklace that Patrick has bought and assumes it’s for her. Later, a shell-shocked Ben turns up at Patrick’s flat and tells Sienna the news about Carly and confesses she was his daughter. Nico realises she’s left her phone at Ben’s flat.

Celine enjoys a romantic date at home with Cameron, who has set up a candlelit picnic in her bedroom. She suggests he should set up a restaurant on the Savage’s boat. Celine and Cameron are in bed when Pete walks by and lingers a little too long. Celine is alarmed when she spots him.

Also, Lisa apologises to her mum for standing her up and Zack arranges for a beauty therapist to come to the house and treat his mum and sister.