Darren tries to talk to Jodie, but she’s determined to blank him. Heather tells Darren that he needs to woo Jodie and suggests buying her a box of chocolates. Darren makes a desperate last-ditch attempt to win Jodie round by standing outside the salon and shouting her name. Jodie emerges from the salon and she agrees to forgive Darren.

Phil visits Sam to ask her to a dinner party that Shirley is throwing in his honour and he’s shocked when he finds her packing. Sam reveals that she’s giving her baby to Ronnie and Jack and leaving the Square. A horrified Phil begs Sam to keep her son. Ronnie doesn’t want the baby and gives Sam 30,000 pounds to take the baby and leave. Sam takes the money and Ronnie is hopeful she’s seen the last of her, but comforts an upset Jack.

Kim takes a sickie from work to have a party at Patrick’s. Denise heads off to get some cases of wine and ale from Patrick’s shop. Denise is annoyed when Kim spills some booze on Denise’s sofa and she tells Kim that the party’s over.

Meanwhile, Mo takes a phone call – from Kat Moon!

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