Darren’s got some explaining to do

Louise is furious with Warren when she discovers he used The Loft to win The Dog. Meanwhile, Darren cannot bring himself to tell Jack he has lost his half of the pub to Warren. He tries to convince Warren that last night’s card game was just a joke that got out of hand, but is devastated when Warren insists he expects him to settle his debts.

Meanwhile, still wondering where her bracelet went, suspicious Frankie gets hold of DVD footage which shows Darren pawning her jewellery. Confronted with the evidence, Darren is cornered by a speechless Jack, just as Warren arrives with more bad news.

Determined to forget Beth and make his relationship with Sarah work, Rhys declares his love for her and suggests they move in to a place of their own. However, Sarah tells him she doesn’t want to be away from her family. Rhys agrees she should take her time before handing her an early Christmas present.

OB encourages Summer to rest her ankle after the incident with Steph. The pair spend the day getting closer, before stealing a kiss under the mistletoe. Summer is flustered as OB wonders if he’s found the girl of his dreams.