Darren admits to Zoe that he’s in a financial mess after gambling all of his money away. Zoe urges him to be honest and tell his dad the truth. Later, Darren realises he’s deep in it when a heavy threatens to harm Zoe if Darren does not come up with the cash he owes. Unable to tell Jack, Darren is forced to steal Frankie’s jewellery and pawn it to pay his debts. Having paid off the heavy, Darren decides to frame Newt for the missing jewellery.

Meanwhile, Frankie tells Nancy that Jake is better off without her, but is irritated with how well Nancy seems to be coping without her son. Meanwhile, Jake is upset at the thought of Nancy managing so well without him, so he visits her flat with Charlie. While she’s distracted, Jake tampers with the plumbing under the sink.

Ste worries when he learns he has to pay Nige all the takings from the drugs sale. Nige refuses to believe Ste when he tells him he’s broke, and tells him he can repay his debt another way, and invites himself to stay at the flat.

Also, a smitten OB is excited at the prospect of being close to Summer when she asks him to help her read her lines.