Darren’s in Esther’s bad books!

Darren’s looking after baby Curtis but, when Esther walks in to find Nancy and Darren jokingly discussing the bets he’d been taking on Grace and Trevor’s wedding, she’s furious. Later, Nancy and Darren are the picture perfect family – but Maxine rushes in and tells them she’s scared that Nico won’t keep quiet about Patrick.

As Ben returns to the flat, a bloodied mess, Maxine’s worried he’s responsible for Trevor’s death, but Ben isn’t fazed and packs his bags. Maxine grows suspicious when she finds blood on Nico’s school shirt but Nico blackmails her to keep quiet with the information she knows about Patrick. DS Thorpe interrogates Ben but, later, Ben’s helping with the washing and finds Nico’s bloodied shirt. Ben calls DS Thorpe and hands himself in to the police as the one who killed Trevor Royle – he’s taking the blame for his stepdaughter. Elsewhere, Sienna offers to go to the mortuary with Grace trying not to let her emotions show.