Darren’s lie gets bigger

After watching the paramedics zip up the body, Darren attempts to call Frankie, but only gets her voicemail. Meanwhile, Newt wakes up in Jubilee Gardens, having spent the night sleeping rough. Arriving at the Dog, Newt is stunned to hear Jack is dead and flees the scene. And Darren’s resolve begins to crumble with talk of an autopsy.

When Frankie and Steph return, Darren fails to tell Frankie about Jack’s fake death. Frankie insists Darren tells her exactly what happened, and as he recounts his story, the enormity of the lie hits home. Darren panics when Frankie insists on seeing Jack’s body and only just persuades Frankie not to view it. She concedes it’s for the best and insists on finding Newt so they can all be a family.

After hearing about Jack’s fate, Elliot hints to Kris that maybe he should learn from this tragedy and make amends with his dad. Initially furious, Kris finally relents and calls his dad, only for it to go straight to voicemail. Will Kris ever speak to his dad again?

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