Darren’s plan backfires

Newt passes a tramp in the village and is shocked to realise it’s a starving and homeless Darren. He buys Darren food, before trying to convince him that he has a plan to force Warren to hand over the pub. And when Darren later witnesses Warren giving Jack a hard time, he decides he and Newt should try to set Warren up…

At the SU, Zoe agrees to be Kris’ glamorous assistant for the Mr Hollyoaks competition, but Kris is suspicious as to why Zoe has moved out of the Barnes’ house. Elsewhere, having realised how much he likes Zoe, Mike shows up at the contest and confesses his true feelings for her. He’s delighted when she hints that she feels the same way, but has eagle-eyed Kris spotted something going on?

Michaela promises Myra she’ll go straight to school, but promptly goes back on her word by showing up at Ste’s flat to get stoned. Later, she stumbles into Evissa rambling about being stoned, but is unaware that the person wrapped up in towels getting a pampering session is her mum Myra!

Also, at the Mr Hollyoaks contest, Rhys, Zak and Elliot are aghast to discover a late entrant, Mercedes, who emerges victorious.