Darren’s spending is spiralling out of control as he tries to convince another company to lend him £25,000. Darren tells Zoe that everything is fine, but Zoe is shocked when she later overhears Darren pleading with the bank not to turn him down.

Zoe can’t believe the amount of debt Darren is in, but is more upset that he lied to her. Darren assures her he’ll be straight with her in future, but then another get-rich-quick opportunity comes up, leaving Darren poised to yet again give in to temptation.

Hannah finds it hard being the centre of attention as the Ashworths embark on their first counselling session at home. As frustrated Hannah tries to explain how she feels, her family realise she is going to have to live with her problem forever. In turn, Hannah also acknowledges that her family have begun to accept her condition, and also starts to form a new bond with Beth.

Carmel keeps quiet about dating Calvin, well aware what her family think about policemen. But Jacqui soon discovers the truth when she spots the pair lunching together in Il Gnosh.

Also, Nancy isn’t impressed that Jake is starting his new job with a hangover, having drunk too much with Malachy the night before.