Anita can’t believe her luck when Dave invites her out for a drink but later Gilly kicks him out for giving alcohol to a minor. Hannah’s concerned when she finds Anita getting sick in the toilet, but Anita starts to enjoy the attention realising that Hannah thinks she has an eating disorder. With Hannah’s words fresh in her mind, Anita rushes home and goes online to research the symptoms of eating disorders.

Gilly gives Leila some time for the rent. But when Neville finds out, he’s left with no choice but to give them their notice. Ravi finds room with Kris; Leila moves in with Hayley, but Anita discovers that she has to move in with Theresa.

Sheila emerges from Elliot’s room as Zak and Kris realise she’s spent the night. At work though, Sheila’s dishing out her brand of authoritarianism with particular relish following her night of passion with Elliot. Elliot is nominated to approach Sheila and when he does, he’s surprised to find that Sheila wants to put the whole thing behind her.

Also, Sheila breaks down and confesses to Elliot that she’s terrified of rejection and he proudly takes her hand telling Kris and Zak that they’re together.

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