Dave bumps into Theresa and Anita in the Village, and casually mentions the Christmas party to them. Anita arrives at school, where Ricky tries to apologise for running off. They’re interrupted by Theresa who tells Ricky that Anita’s now seeing Dave. Ricky and Duncan decide they’ll gatecrash the party. As Anita and Theresa arrive, Dave’s clearly surprised, but lets them stay.

Anita walks in on Dave in the bathroom, she’s shocked to see him taking drugs, but acts blasé about it. Ricky grabs Dave, telling him to stay away. Anita realises how much Ricky likes her, but they’re interrupted by Ricky’s phone and he has to leave. Theresa is also forced to leave the party when Duncan throws up over her. It all becomes too much for Anita and she collapses.

Gilly continues to be swept along in his relationship with Cheryl. They arrive at The Dog and Cheryl tells a confused Neville and Gilly that they should celebrate…her new job at The Dog. Gilly, however, is less enthusiastic.

Also; Michaela notices Jacqui throwing out a load of veg that they could sell on from the canteen. Gaz witnesses them bundling the stock out. Later, Jacqui and Des head out and Gaz reveals to Jacqui that he knows about her scam.

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