David accuses Gail of assault

Gail braces herself for bad news when the police contact her about David. They reveal that he’s been found alive and well, but he’s accused Gail of assaulting him and throwing him out! David is brought back to the house with a mysterious black eye and cuts and bruises. The police have dropped the charges and warned David about wasting police time, but Gail despairs of her troubled son.

Ashley pops home to see Claire and the kids and the atmosphere is awkward. Ashley is left even more miserable about the future of his marriage when he and Claire encounter Emily on a walk with the boys and Claire makes it clear to a surprised Emily that they’ve split up. Ashley begs Claire to reconsider, but she is unmoved.

Sean is desperate to tell everyone about the baby and he and Violet nervously announce their news to Eileen, who is happy for them after the initial shock! Sean also tells the factory girls that he’s going to be a dad and they want to know all the details.

Also, Kirk warns Tyrone not to muck Molly around over the flat hunting in his determination to trip up Paul.