Alicia and David talk about Leyla. Ever since she cropped up at their wedding, the barmaid hasn’t stopped thinking about her estranged sister. They know Jacob would love to see his mum – but David doesn’t want his ex back in their lives and warns his wife to steer clear of her.

Spinning about the fact she may have contracted HIV following a fling behind Pollard’s back, Val is in a right state. Unable to confide in anyone, she’s in an awful mood – and Pollard’s bearing the brunt of her stress. Diane knows about Ian and urges her sister to confess to cheating. Will she?

Back at home, Ruby faces the family in the wake of her miscarriage. The broody factory worker is absolutely gutted, but touched when the family rally round to cheer her up. As Ali urges her girlfriend to take comfort and pride in helping to raise Sean and Amelia, is it enough for Ruby?