David and Alicia drink to their annulment

Alicia puts on a brave face as Dom passes on the marriage annulment papers. With her link to David now completely severed, inside she’s in bits. As the exes drink in the Woolie, Alicia’s touched as the shopkeeper tells her it was an honour to have been married to her. The moment’s shattered by Priya’s surprise return.

The family roll out to meet Kyle as Amy relishes in playing mum. But when Joanie makes an early return to pick him up, the teen panics. Dashing off to meet her before everyone realises Joanie has no idea who Amy really is, Amy’s efforts fail as her mum follows. But as Kerry pushes her daughter to open up about what’s going on, she’s given short shrift.

At Tug Ghyll, it’s getting increasingly hard for Debbie to keep up the act especially when she catches Cameron cuddling Sarah – and worse still when she has to go up to the bedroom with him! Chas isn’t interested when her niece later complains, and tells Debbie to get the job done.