It looks like David has finally admitted his feelings to Alicia! But their kiss is bittersweet. David catches Alicia as she is about to go on a date with Dom and he can’t bear the thought of that. He takes Alicia to one side and finally tells her he has feelings for her. At last! No wonder they’re kissing! Then they stop kissing and David starts talking again. Big mistake! Shut up, David, and kiss her again! Too late… David tells Alicia Priya dumped him and now she’s wondering if he would be with her if Priya still wanted him.

Amy’s wondering what might happen to Jack and Sarah if Andy takes them on holiday with Kerry and she’s worried. Val tells her she has to talk some sense into Andy – but to get to Andy Amy has to go through Kerry… And Kerry’s in a fighting mood!

Vanessa’s in a fighting mood, too, but she’s more cunning with her battle plans… Against her will, Paddy moved her out of his home and into Brook Cottage, so she has come up with a plan to con her way back into Paddy and Rhona’s home. It involves flooding Brook Cottage and it works! Before Paddy can say ‘Call a plumber’, Vanessa has persuaded Rhona to let her move back in with them!