Nick gets on the wrong side of Carla when he’s caught in a scuffle between David and Jason. He chooses to stay at the factory while David and Audrey go to visit a fragile Gail in jail.

Audrey immediately starts pushing Gail for more information about what happened in the Lakes, causing Gail to snap and the pair to clash in the visiting room. Gail can’t believe her own mother is calling her a murderer. Things go from bad to worse when Gail gets more visitors than she bargained for, and she’s introduced to her new cellmate, Lyn.

Tyrone and Molly tell Pam they are back together. But then an over-excited Tyrone goes a step too far and tells Bill that Molly’s three months’ pregnant. Bill asks Kevin whether the baby could be his and Kevin says yes. Pam meanwhile, is disgusted when Molly admits she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is.

Also, John’s looking forward to starting his new teaching job, but tension is high as he worries his lies will unravel; Janice starts to worry about her figure after a careless comment from Trevor. His opinion of her clearly matters and she sees him as more than just a lodger.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Audrey desperately tries to assure Gail she doesn’t think her own daughter is capable of murder, but Gail’s heard enough and is unsure whether to believe her. David’s protective of his mother and accuses Audrey and Nick of thinking she’s responsible for Joe’s death. Back on the street, David’s pent up emotions come spilling out as he bundles Audrey out of the house, calling her a Judas and disowning her for breaking his mum’s heart.

Janice continues to try and impress Trevor by cooking a low calorie meal. He tries to reassure her he wasn’t trying to imply anything with his remark. She insists she understands, and tries to pretend her new healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with him.

Jessie’s back on the street, knowing it’s time he collected his stuff. He asks Eileen to talk, but she pulls the shutters down and claims she has nothing to say to him. Later, Jesse begs Julie to plead his case to Eileen.

Also, Molly sits at home struggling for words writing a letting to Tyrone; Jason and Tina receive news that the offer on the flat has been withdrawn, which gives Tina ideas.

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