David and Deirdre give evidence

Tracy is in suspense as she waits for David to take the stand and for Deirdre to decide whether to testify for her. Tracy is banking on David coming up trumps with his ‘evidence’ about Charlie’s demise and he seems to have no qualms about committing perjury for her. But when he takes the stand it’s clear that his evidence is not all Tracy had hoped for and she worries that the scales are tipping against her.

Meanwhile, Deirdre makes a big decision and tells a stunned Ken that she’s going to court, despite his insistence that she’s not up to it. Tracy has her heart in her mouth as Deirdre begins to speak. The court prepares to adjourn for the weekend and Tracy is left wondering whether she’s done enough to secure her freedom when the verdict is given the following week.

Liam has backtracked on his decision to employ more foreign workers and instead takes on another Polish girl, Vicky. The factory girls grumble about taking in a new girl and gobby Janice gives Vicky plenty of backchat, but Vicky gives as good as she gets.

Also, Leanne can’t resist Liam’s charm and forgives him for buying the house.