David and Gail rebuild their relationship

David is struggling to adjust to the routine in the young offenders institute and is reluctant to get involved in the education and training programmes. Gail turns up to visit him and is relieved to find him in one piece. David struggles to hold back his emotions as he hugs her and thanks her for being there for him. It seems that prison has helped David and Gail make huge headway in rebuilding their relationship.

Tony tells Roy that he has donated a significant amount of money to a bat charity to make up for smoking the bats out of the building development. Roy refuses to let Tony off the hook completely as he knows that the donation hasn’t put Tony out of pocket and he tells him he’s still barred from Roy’s Rolls!

Becky is grateful to Jason for warning her that Rick was stringing her along and she risks Roy’s wrath by rushing outside with a bacon butty for a still- barred Jason as a thank you. Becky also tells Jason that she owes him a pint.

Also, Vernon has his first win on the horses and he comes back to the bookies for more; Harry goes to the Rovers and has a laugh with Liz.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail is moved when David apologises for all he’s done to her. As she makes to leave, they hug and David puts on a brave face, but as soon as Gail is out of sight, David breaks down in tears. Meanwhile in the pub, Audrey is stunned when Bill reveals that a man called Ted Page has called for her. Audrey covers that she’s never heard from him but later reveals to Rita that he’s an old flame – and Gail’s dad!

Leanne goes to the restaurant to check out the damage and is determined to turn it into a wine bar. Paul has got himself a frying job in a restaurant and when Dan tells him about Leanne’s plans, he is seething. Leanne assures Paul that it’s good news as they can all start afresh but Paul is furious that Leanne has got away with conning him.

Jason bumps into Becky and she flirts with him and tells him her offer of a drink still stands. As they chat in the pub, Becky reveals to a disappointed Jason that she’s sick of picking bad guys and men are off the menu for a while, but it’s clear they’re warming to each other.

Also, Fiz is dreading Kirk’s return from Cyprus.